Understanding case alerts on Qrite for customer feedback

Case alerts are basically notifications Qrite sends you when a customer feedback is received. 

We segment your customers based on the response they give on your feedback request into three categories: 

  • Need care: These are customers who feel negatively about the overall shopping experience with your brand or the product they purchased. 
  • Passive: These are customers who don’t necessarily feel negative about their experience with your brand; but they don’t feel positively about it either. They can easily be swayed by the smallest of things like discounts by a competing store. 
  • Promoters: These are customers who feel positively about their experience with your store and have a higher chance of sharing a good review about their purchase. With the right nudge, you can also turn them into your brand advocates. 

Not sure if you’re getting case alerts on time? Reach out to us for support. 

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